Prism Advertising is a Dubai-based creative agency that combines branding and marketing with digital online solutions and social media. Since its inception in the UAE in 2004, Prism offers every client the best in advertising. With an aim to create result oriented and objective driven communication, Prism develops sharp and effective ideas that are executed with relevant media through:

Mass Communication
•Targeted Communication

Prism believes in building and protecting a brand. Building a brand involves defining, positioning and communicating its essence while protecting a brand involves an even deeper understanding of the factors that can affect it. With the capacity to view a clients' business in entirety, Prism has the expertise to anticipate and effectively address the outcomes.

Prism ensures that every client gets the maximum return on every investment made, making the agency a thriving force in the region today.

With associates in the 4 world regions of Europe, GCC, India and East Africa, Prism Advertising has offices in UK, UAE, France, Netherlands, India and Kenya and has worked with a host of multinational clients gaining various prestigious accounts.